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⛳️ Season Long Golf Major Tournament - PGA Championship this Week! ⛳️

It is time to make your picks for the PGA Championship that takes place this weekend! Get your picks in before the professionals tee off on the first day of the tournament. Our current, year-to-date leaderboard can be viewed below:

For each of the four professional golf majors, you will pick six golfers. The golf team with the lowest overall score, wins! The total overall winner for the season will win the grand prize.

The Details

1. To start, click the link below in order to signup with our host.

2. Choose six golfers before the start of each professional golf major.


  1. Participants are limited to one entry in the contest. 

  2. Picks are made for the following tournaments: 

    1. The Masters

    2. PGA Championship

    3. U.S. Open Championship

    4. British Open Championship

  3. For each major tournament, members select six golfers. PGA Tour players in the tournament field are divided into six (6) tiers or flights, based on their odds to win the tournament. Each member chooses one golfer from each of the six tiers.  These six golfers make up their Player Roster for that tournament.

  4. Members will enter their guess for the total combined strokes of the winner of the tournament (e.g. 275) as a tiebreaker. In the event of a tie, the person closest to the actual stroke count will win. 

  5. Golfers CAN be picked more than once per season. 

  6. The scores of all 6 golfers on your roster count towards your score. 

  7. The goal is to be the member whose roster performs the best cumulatively (has the fewest total strokes ) as a team. 

  8. Any PGA Player who misses the cut, withdraws, or otherwise doesn't complete a round will be given the highest (worst) score of that day.

  9. Performance is tracked for each tournament individually, but also in aggregate for all the tournaments.


  • Each tournament winner will receive $100 in One Southern Store credit or a $25 Walmart gift card - You Choose!

  • The overall tournament winner will receive $100 cash as their grand prize. IF WE HAVE OVER 100 ENTRIES (REMEMBER THERE ARE OVER 300 EMPLOYEES), THE PRIZE WILL BE DOUBLED TO $200 CASH. So encourage your co-workers to participate and play!


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