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Salesforce Purchase Order Update

A new feature has been added to Salesforce to assist with keeping track of any electrical work that has been ordered through a PO.  

When placing an order for this type of labor on a job, please use the Create PO button on the Work Order Line Item and check the box labeled "Check if for Electrical Work" to create an Electric Work Purchase Order.  This feature is only available on the Work Order Line Item Create PO button.  If it is created any other way, the costs will be recorded as a material expense instead of a labor expense.

If you need any vendors added as available for POs for this new feature, please send them to Matt Gullette through email.

"I appreciate your help, as this process change will make a big difference in customer experience and the company's financial health in the years to come!"

Matt Gullette

Chief Financial Officer

Southern Industries Home Improvements, LLC


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