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New Purchasing Policy

To: All employees purchasing for Southern Industries through any means.

This purchasing policy is in effect as of 2/1/2023. If you have questions about this policy, please notify your manager for direction.

All purchases for job material, service material, inventory, and tools/production supplies must be purchased by creating and providing a purchase order from Salesforce effective 2/1/2023. Instruction will be available today regarding how to use the brand-new Purchase Order system as well as how to create Purchase Orders on the Salesforce mobile app for on-the-go ease of use.

These measures are being put into place to make sure that we all can continue to operate with our current tools and vendor relationships when we purchase on account. With good purchasing procedures in place, we can then turn our focus to expanding our network of vendors and further streamlining the purchasing process for the entire company.

Thank you for being part of this change that will allow our 55-year-old company to get a new edge on our competition when looking towards the next 55 years!

Matt Gullette

Chief Financial Officer

Southern Industries Home Improvements

Ramp Purchasing Policy PDF 2.23
Download PDF • 203KB


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