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Midweek Motivation

By Wednesday, the weight of the week is catching up to us all! Everyone could use a little positivity to help keep us motivated and get us over the hill towards the weekend.

Today we are sharing this email from a customer in Johns Creek, Georgia sent to Jeff Howe.


Jeff- My wife, Joy, and I have a gutter and cover system from Taylor at our home located at {Redacted Address} in Johns Creek. Yesterday, we had maintenance performed by Dan Shipman and Julio Chavez from Taylor. Those two men did exemplary work— they did a thorough investigation on their first visit and told us what needed to be done; a supervisor from your office called within two business days to inform us of the cost and a to schedule the job; Julio and Dan returned yesterday to do the work. They did a thorough job of installing the covers that were damaged and the clips that needed to be replaced. They kept us informed of the progress; when they moved deck furniture to secure their ladders, they returned the furniture in place; and they cleaned up thoroughly after the job. They also showed us the damaged clips and covers and were very courteous in their approach. When we need another job from Taylor or if one of our friends/neighbors needs a referral, we will recommend Taylor and suggest that they ask for these two men- Dan Shipman and Julio Chavez. They are craftsmen who take pride in their work and worked diligently and carefully until the job was finished. In this current day, we see companies struggling to maintain a competent workforce. Taylor should be proud of these two professionals; we surely were pleased with their work. Blessings, Rufus Johns


According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. For more information, here is the related article: Forbes:Why Word of Mouth Marketing is the Most Important Social Media.

Thanks for the hard work and fostering positive relationships with customers!


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