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Meeting Announcement!

Join us on Wednesday June 28th at 9:00am via Teams Meeting for the announcement of the

Honor Club Award Winner May-June 2023 Recipient

Join on your computer, mobile app or room device

Meeting ID: 283 560 481 094

Passcode: WrAkAZ

The Honor Club Award Nominees for May-June are:

About each nominee, from fellow team members:

"David Albright is always willing and available to meet whatever demands the business has. Whether it is taking care of customers, providing a work environment that will lead to both the success of the business and the employees, or if it is doing tasks that others do not want to do but need to be done. He is also willing and ready to help colleagues with anything they need." (Integrity, Excellence, Success)

"Sam Allen always has a positive attitude. He shows dedication and consistence to the Customers he meets with throughout the entire process of their job from Sales Pitch to completion of installation. He shows leadership

quality to others for his time management skills. His dedication and passion for the job allows others to live by his example." (Integrity, Excellence)

"Todd Chapel continues to go above and beyond to help improve his team members success and assist in any task to help create a better environment, and enjoyable environment, and successful workplace. He does this without being asked and always does a great job. He also continues a positive attitude no matter how tough things can get." (Integrity, Respect, Caring)

"David McCarriar answers the call every time I have a question about a job. He gives me details about what could and couldn't work. He is always there to help his teammates over hurdles." (Integrity, Caring)

"A sales rep brought me his list of questions and I didn't know what to do. I called HR and got Becky Small. She patiently went over every insurance plan to help me explain back to reps. She showed me how the enrollment worked too. There are lots of things at Southern that are hard to understand and not a lot of people or places to find answers. Becky is now someone I can call and she doesn't tell me its not her job. She helps me even when its not an HR question. I know that every time I am stuck and call Becky she will get me unstuck. She cares and doesn't make me feel dumb for not knowing answers." (Caring, Excellence)


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