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March Madness Starts Now!

We are excited to announce that we will host a company wide NCAA Basketball Bracket Competition! In addition to bragging rights, there are monetary prizes associated with first through third place. Are you clueless about basketball? No problem, there is a small prize for last place too! It would be fun to have a large number of entries this year.

The Details

1. To start, click the link below in order to signup with our host.

2. Add your email and complete the remaining registration. An example of what your screen will look like is below:

3. After you have registered, you will be directed to the Leaderboard. You will then click "Your Brackets", Select "Make Picks" and continue to complete your bracket.

4. Once complete, please feel free to look over the various reports on the competition. The Pool Rules are also listed under "Pool Info". There is a video below that shows an example of the information mentioned above.


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