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ICYMI: Fleet Maintenance Requests

Attention all drivers of company vehicles!! There is now an online form for all maintenance requests for fleet vehicles. Please see the instructions below on how to utilize this option so that all parties can be notified at once of your vehicle's issue.

Step One: Finding the Form

You can find the form by clicking the icon on the webpage header (on each page!):

OR You can find the form by clicking the "Fleet Services" Link under "The Hub" Menu:

Step Two: Completing the Form

The Fleet Maintenance Form will load once you have clicked the icon on the webpage header OR the link under "The Hub". It will look like the picture demonstrated below. Please complete the entire form as accurately as possible. The information you provide is valuable to the team working on the upkeep, tracking and legal compliance of all vehicles.

The form looks like this:

Step Three: Submitting the Form

As a general reminder, because we often have issues with this, you must remember to click the "Submit" button at the bottom of this form. You will receive a short message after the form has completed submission to indicate it has finished or "gone through". Please see the pictures below for reference:

The Fleet Services team will coordinate with you, your direct manager and your department leader in order to ensure the problem is addressed. Please stay safe!


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