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Digital Directory - Let's Spruce It Up!

Did you know One Southern offers a Digital Directory for the company? The purpose of the digital directory is to provide a way to quickly lookup team members and get in touch via phone or email. This is a great piece of the communication puzzle and we need your help in sprucing up the directory. We need:

  • Profile Pictures

  • Best Contact Phone Number

  • Office Location (ex. Southern Industries Atlanta)

  • Department (Sales, IT, Admin, etc.)

Having these items, especially the profile picture, will allow us to do fun things like share information about offices, team members and accomplishments! Please see the screenshots and instructions below for more details.

Click Log In on the One Southern Homepage header to begin.

Enter your Southern Industries email and your password. Click the Log In button to begin.

Once you have logged in, your will automatically be directed back to the home screen. Click the down pointing arrow on the webpage header and click the "Profile" option from the menu.

Find the three vertical dots on the profile page header. Click the dots and from that menu click "Edit Profile".

Complete as much information as you would like and click "Update Info" when complete.

Click the round circle for your profile picture and upload your favorite snap of yourself


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