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Byte Sized Learning: What is PulseM?

Join us on a journey of discovery during your lunch break (or whenever you get a chance!) with our new informational blog series, "Byte Sized Learning." Designed exclusively for our dedicated employees, this series aims to expand your knowledge about the diverse array of programs, products and offerings available within our organization. Each post is crafted to deliver concise yet comprehensive insights into various facets of our company, ensuring that you stay informed and empowered.

Whether you're curious about professional development opportunities, health and wellness initiatives, or the latest technological advancements, "Byte Sized Learning" is your go-to source for bite-sized information that fits perfectly into your busy schedule. Let's embark on this enriching experience together and unlock the full potential of what our organization has to offer. Stay tuned, and get ready to learn in manageable, digestible portions that make a big impact!

Online reviews have a direct correlation with how much organic (unpaid!) growth your company sees through referrals. Having more reviews than your competitors is an immediate signal of credibility to potential customers who are searching for your services online. PulseM's goal is to help Southern Industries online presence grow through automatically asking for online reviews from our customers that we visit.

Not a believer in the power of online reviews? Here are a few statistics that may change your mind:

  1. 92% of people read online reviews before contacting a company.

  2. Online reviews influence 68% of buying decisions.

  3. 74% of people say good reviews make a local business more trustworthy.

  4. 40% of people make up their mind about a company after reading only one online review.

  5. 73% form an opinion about a company after six reviews.

  6. Just 14% of consumers would consider hiring a company with a one- or two-star rating.

  7. 57% would hire a company with a three-star rating.

  8. 94% would hire a company with a four-star rating.

  9. 86% of consumers will give pause to buy from a company that has negative online reviews.

  10. Think a few bad online reviews are no big deal? Think again. One to three bad online reviews is enough to dissuade 67% of people from buying your product or service.

  11. 44% of people say a review must be written within a month of their reading it to be relevant.

  12. 100% (!!!) of people who make over $150K annually say they leave negative reviews if they have a poor experience.

  13. Only 9% of people say they “never” search for local businesses online.

  14. 84% of consumers put as much trust in online reviews as personal recommendations.

  15. Every one-star increase in a Yelp rating leads to a 5 to 9% revenue increase.

  16. If a company resolves a negative customer experience quickly, 95% of those unsatisfied customers will do return business with the company.

  17. 48% of people will visit your website after reading positive online reviews of your company.


Each month, a PulseM report card is posted on One Southern. You can access the report card under "The Hub", on it's main page.



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