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Attn: Sales & Production Teams! Who will get slimed?

Which team will finish their biography builder and photo uploads first?? Each team is currently tied at 88% and Scott Alsup and Chris Brown have volunteered to be slimed if their team comes in second place! Thank you to each of them for being good sports! Please see all of the details below:

The sales and production teams have been rocking their portion of this project! Let's get the information collection portion of this across the finish line! If you are finished with your portion, see if you can help someone who may be struggling! The photos and information about you will transform into a quick introduction text, sent out to customers before you arrive! How great is that? From experience, it puts a customer at ease to know what to expect!

Do you need an extra incentive to complete this task? If so, please know that one of the great benefits of this tool is the ability to reward positive reviews! Stay tuned for the details but with no bio or picture, you are taking yourself out of the game!!


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