Mississippi: In the Dark

For the last two and a half weeks, I have not had any caffeine; on Friday night, I drank a lot of Dr. Pepper and ended up lying awake for most of the night. Before my sleepless night, I was out driving after dark and discovered several places that I wanted to photograph.  I had… More


Feature Friday: Glacier National Park

In anticipation of an idyllic weekend, I selected today’s photo from one of the most idyllic places on earth – Glacier National Park in Montana. A reader had requested that I post some more mountain shots and asked that I occasionally feature some reader photos. So here’s the photo call: if you have a photo that… More


Crater Lake, Oregon

A bizarre place to have visited right before the beginning of June last year, but the location was charming. I had not anticipated visiting snowy mountains at the start of summer, but this was one of the unexpected but delightful detours during our trip to California. I’ll have a more complete blog post later about… More


Vortexing the Poles

When I hear the words ‘polar vortex,’ I imagine this scenario: Finding a warp to an alternate universe that is cold Discovering that polar bears are the majority inhabitants Watching the polar bears perform intricate dances around an invisible axis Being offered hot chocolate and a train ride (I admit that last part was from… More

Roads of Mississippi

When Art Gets Sick

Do you know what is most terrifying about being an artist? That one day you will go to create, and you come up empty. That nothing is left – that no matter how hard you try, ‘it’ is gone. I thought I had reached that point this last Tuesday. Earlier in the week, I had… More

13Spective 16 copy

2013 : A Photospective

I intended to choose one picture from 2013 that was my “favorite” or what I thought best exemplified what I had shot. Then I started tagging the ones I liked and ended up with a folder with images from throughout the year, and a little blurb morphed into this post. The photos I’ve chosen to… More